Sales Funnels Simplified for Newbies

Learn the Basics of Sales Funnels & How to Use them to Grow Your Business & Make Money in Your Sleep! | taught by Barbie Figueroa
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Barbie Figueroa
Barbie Figueroa
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Heya! I'm Barbie Figueroa. I'll be Your Instructor for most of the courses inside of I'm an Award-Winning Internet Marketer and have worked with people all over the world who are growing their business online! From Sales Funnels, to Wordpress and how to start driving traffic using Free Marketing Strategies, I'm your gal.

As a Work-from-Home Mom of 3 Growing boys, I've been in the online marketing space since 2004 and my commitment to you is to give you no-frills, marketing training, taught in a simple, easy to follow manner.

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5 Videos
4 Texts
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